The print technology adopted by TR Alucap is UV flexographic, with clichés that are directly laser-engraved (digital to plate).

We consistently pursue technological innovation in order to improve not only the chromatic yield, but also the stress resistance characteristics that are typical of this type of packaging. Recently, Tr Alucap introduced water clichés (solvent free) engraved with 3D technology and creative textures.

Print quality is matchless and the machinery used is perfectly suited to the size of the batches requested. This is crucial in an industry where difficulty in planning is endemic: there is a need to adapt to constant changes in a market, where frequent restyling of packaging increasingly fragments production.

TR Alucap has four print lines with up to 9 colours, with gearless electric-shaft technology, which enables it to process small orders for a market test, as well as bulk orders for products distributed on a large scale.


TR Alucap is a specialist in the production of aluminium and plastic caps and has a vast number of electronic die-cutting machines, equipped with the latest technology that is capable of achieving high standards of productivity and precision (more than 150,000 pieces per hour).

In order to meet market needs and ensure adequate manufacturing capacity to its customers, Tr Alucap offers several solutions for the embossing of its products, from the standard ‘vermicelli’ to dotted and smooth methods, ideal for maximising the effect of the print.

In addition to offering all the measures and formats of jars and trays on the international market, TR Alucap seamlessly handles new projects comprising made-to-measure containers and with a minimum lead time.